Foundations in Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi
This 28-hour workshop is designed to introduce participants to lomilomi in a manner in which it can be applied to present day situations. In a "hands on" setting, general techniques for the entire body will be demonstrated by the instructor(s) and practiced by the participants, finishing with a full body routine. It includes the essentials of the work, including pule, ho'oponopono, the Ha breath, proper biomechanics and healing chants. A student who completes the foundational course will be given the wisdom, confidence and inner dance to transform their massage routine into something uniquely beautiful!

Advanced Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi
This 21-hour workshop covers advanced and deep tissue techniques that involve the use of hot towels, a brief introduction of wela pohaku (hot stones), and techniques for specific conditions. Healing chants, breathing, centering techniques and review of Level I fundamentals increase proficiency and experience. Wellbeing of practitioner and client is increased through proper use of body weight, relaxed hands and loving touch. Introduction to the most popular healing herbs in la'au lapa'au and their uses is included in Level II, including the sea water cleanse and aromatherapy footbath lomi.

Wela Pohaku Lomilomi (Hot Stones)
This 21-hour workshop covers a complete lomilomi full body routine and use of wela pohaku, or hot stones. The deep effect of this powerful earth energy makes any lomilomi experience unforgettable. The selection, care, proper use, safety and techniques for the entire body are taught to participants in an exciting routine, using class sets of stones. Prerequisite for this class is having satisfactorily completed the equivalent to HHAC's Level I curriculum or the Foundational Lomilomi course.

Contact 266-2462 or studentaffairs@hawaii.rr.com for more information or to register.

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