Clinical Massage Therapy (CMT)

The innovative Post Graduate Studies Program has been developed with the practicing therapist in mind.  Students gain the confidence needed to treat specific conditions and diversify their practice.             

A comprehensive curriculum, based on relevant case studies and practical applications, assists students in cultivating a refined approach to the body and provides effective techniques for immediate use.   

The Clinical Massage Therapy Post Graduate Program will equip you with the knowledge, sharp skills, and clinical reasoning needed to excel in this dynamic industry, and earn the respect of qualified healthcare professionals.


Eligibility for admission to Post Graduate Studies at HHAC is granted via three distinct review processes. Download an application here.

A. Internal Review
B. Education/Training Review
C. Portfolio Review

HHAC students in good standing are eligible to apply to the Post Graduate program via the Internal Review process. It is recommended that students wait until Level III to apply to the Level IV Foundations Course, however, each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Recent graduates from the 600-hour Undergraduate Program, who have not yet been licensed, are in a perfect position to apply for the Level IV program.

Applicants who have not attended HHAC must prove eligibility via an Education/Training Review or Portfolio Review. Applicants are required to produce proof of graduation from a formal massage training program with a minimum of 500 hours of in-class training. Additional training and continuing education courses are considered in addition to the formal training, but not in lieu of it.

All applicants must fill out the Post Graduate Studies Application, regardless of eligibility category. Transcripts must be furnished to be eligible for an Education/Training Review. Applicants submitting Portfolios must complete the Portfolio Worksheet and supply copies of all applicable certificates and documentation for consideration. Transcripts, and additional documentation, must be received along with application materials, or be received from the issuing institution prior to the application deadline.

Applications that are incomplete, or disorganized, may be returned without review. Applicants may reapply without paying the application processing fee within 90 days of receiving their returned application materials. After the 90 days, a new application processing fee must be supplied for reapplication.


The Clinical Massage Therapy Program is comprised of 5 modules that are 40 hours each.  Students may take some or all of the modules.  Students who complete all 5 modules will receive a certificate and the right to use the title “Certified Clinical Massage Therapist." 

The 5 modules are as follows:

Module 1:  Foundations in Clinical Massage
Module 2:  Clinical Massage for the Cervical Cranial Region
Module 3:  Clinical Massage for the Upper Extremities
Module 4:  Clinical Massage for the Low Back/Hip/Pelvis
Module 5:  Clinical Massage for the Lower Extremities


Tuition per 40-hour Module: $660.00
Including State Tax 4.712%: $691.10

Discounts are available for HHAC students and alumni

* Low interest student loans available through Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union, for any student committing to the entire 200-hour post-graduate studies program. 
* Military spouses may qualify for financial assistance through the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA). Contact your local military educational office for more information.

Textbook: "Clinical Massage Therapy: Understanding, Assessing and Treating over 70 Conditions" by Fiona Rattray and Linda Ludwig (can be purchased online).

Contact Student Affairs at (808) 266-2467 or for more information.