Hawaii Healing Arts College is authorized under Federal Law to enroll      non-immigrant alien students. International Students must have a completed FORM I-20 to enter the country and/or attend classes. 

Prospective International Students may enroll by appointment in person or by telephone with an administrative representative.

To obtain the FORM I-20, international students must meet the         following conditions:

English proficiency

International Students must demonstrate a proficiency in English during the interview with an administrative representative and by written documentation.

high school equivalent education

International Students must have completed the equivalent of a high school education in the United States. English translations of transcripts, certificates, mark sheets, records, or other evidence regarding the completion of high school (or a more advanced program) are acceptable and must be in the students file before classes begin.

proof of funds availability

International Students must show proof of the availability of funds for tuition & fees, as well as living expenses for the duration of the time the student will reside in the United States. Bank statements from the student or sponsor and statements of a scholarship(s) may be used to demonstrate financial ability.

The registration deadline for International Students is due at least 8 weeks prior to the first day of class that he/she wishes to enroll.

A completed application form must be submitted to the Administration/Admissions Office and the full tuition payment must be made before the due date in order to proceed with the                    processing of the Form I-20.

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